Solidarity Economy NC

finding an equitable alternative to better serve community

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Some problems of our time including social and economic injustice were illuminated over the past year by various means including the Occupy Movement, Wikileaks, and Arab political uprisings. We are called by the inspiration of activism from Iceland to Mondragon to bring solutions to these problems with efforts scaled at community level.



reveal personal rewards and meaning available to those unburdened by financial wealth issues - thru art, music, prose, poetry, cooking, hiking, fitness, education, yoga / expanded consciousness, and openness to others

educate ourselves on the punitive aspects of current American capitalism, and find ways to share this information

seek means to give voice and presence to alienated people

find new ways to share experience and ideas about "money game" inequity and solution pathways

create a directory that lists sources and locations of local facilities, entities, and businesses that function by egalitarian values

spread awareness of existing community aid facilities



advocacy by outreach and education thru teach-ins, references on this and other sites, and announced brainstorming sessions

implementation by action, distribution, publication, and network dissemination



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