Site Navigation

Organizing pictures in a way that facilitates meaningful browsing and intuitive navigation is the challenge that this page attempts to unravel.


Classification is based on image subject matter. Categories are established on INDEX pages with a collection of small index (preview, thumbnail) images, and shown on the PHOTOS branch of the MENU page with links to the listed pages. The small images shown on each INDEX page are each linked to a larger version of the same image on a separate page. Some photos are listed on more than one INDEX page (multi-index) when they fit more than one category such as ARCHITECTURE and PANORAMAS and PLACES.


Besides the links mentioned, words with underlines can be found at the top of each page. All pages have a MENU link that will take you to the MENU page. Some pages have an INDEX link that will take you to the INDEX page. Some pages have a NEXT link that will take you to the next page in a pre-set rotation sequence thru the images on the INDEX page. If any of these words are not underlined, they are not a working link.


The pages for the multi-index pics, should not have an underlined INDEX link. On those pages, if the NEXT link takes you in an unexpected direction, there is always the browser's BACK BUTTON to get to a prior page.