Genealogy Map

A graphic depiction of the result of human propagation through several generations is the subject of this page. The illustration below shows a way to provide genealogy information as a continuous, scrollable, printable, computer based map. A spreadsheet cell structure was used to make this. A drawing program could also be used.

In addition to the advantage of showing this information as a continuous whole, instead of a pile of separate pages, by using a computer there can be mouse-click links to supplemental bio history and/or photographs. For example, try the colored text (link) in the illustration.

To build one of these family maps using a spreadsheet does not require familiarity with that application. But you will have to know how to mark the cell outlines and scale the cells to fit the amount of text that you enter.

Enter information into cell structure of spreadsheet as shown below.  Then save as web page.  The resulting HTML file can be opened in any browser.